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Website Credits

Website creation sponsors EagleDream Technologies and MoonBrand.

In partnership with the staff, faculty and students of The Harley School.

EagleDream is a technology solutions company that prides itself in being the first to adapt new systems, software, and services to provide smart solutions chosen to fit clients’ needs. They are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to handle building websites and applications, as well as designing and implementing solutions for security, cloud integration, and communications.

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MoonBrand helps companies by strengthening their brands – the ways their customers, investors, partners, employees and the media see and understand them. For over 25 years it has successfully helped many organizations that work in healthcare, finance, technology, education and government, including some of the world’s largest, achieve significant growth as a result.

Brand and website coordination by MoonBrand
Website development / Website hosting by EagleDream Technologies
Website design by Novagram